Founded in 1996 by J.R. Snow and Dave Keller, The Madison Project is James Madison University's premier all male a cappella group. We have a deeply rooted dedication to the education, performance, and recording of fine a cappella music. The Madison Project has received several awards, been featured on compilation albums such as Best of College A cappella and Voices Only, and has toured up and down the east coast! Aside from the music, The Madison Project is first and foremost a brotherhood. New members are submerged into a 100+ alumni base, where life long relationships are then created. 
"We're just a group of guys who like to sing, trying' to make it honest. Ya know, getting' out there, dancin' and singing' up on people, making' em feel dangerous."

© 2018 The Madison Project 

Created by Emma Wagner

Managed by Reid Wilkins

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